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A rapid innovation platform to personalize every customer experience

Shopping is fundamentally personal and shopping experiences across every touchpoint should be, too. The Relevance Cloud™ is a revolutionary platform that allows you to quickly innovate and deliver personalized, brand-centric experiences across the spectrum of your customer lifecycle. This results in deeper engagement that extends customer lifetime value.

Powered By the Personalization Graph™

The Personalization Graph™ aggregates key data including customer behavior, content, context, and product information, to deliver the more relevant experience for each customer. By helping retailers eliminate barriers to the use of their customer data, the Personalization Graph™ enables retailers to create data-driven, innovative experiences that represent their brand across every touchpoint.



Utilizes King-of-the-Hill Decisions

No single strategy can consistently remain the top performer and we have over 125 of them to choose from. Utilizing Ensemble Learning, our personalization engine constantly tests and learns which strategies do well, to decide in real time which one(s) will perform best for each customer interaction. Our models are rebuilt 12 times a day, adjusting for the subtlest changes in shopping behavior, inventory, pricing and more. The result is sustained relevance without manual manipulation.

Tools for the pro merchandiser



Search + Browse Personalization



Content Personalization



Product Personalization



API-based Services for Personalization Innovation


Platform Built For The Enterprise