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The most relevant product recommendations you’ll ever present

Imagine if every recommendation you presented matched your customers’ taste, as if curated by a personal shopper or stylist. RichRelevance Recommend™ collects all your data and uses a powerful machine-learning engine to select the most relevant, data-driven product recommendations for each customer interaction, across all touchpoints—web, mobile, email, in-store and call center.


Features built to drive lift

King-of-the-Hill Decisioning

Our machine learning engine constantly tests and evaluates recommendation performance to identify and deliver the most effective algorithm for each customer interaction based on your specific business KPIs.

King-of-the-Hill Optimizer

Once King-of-the-Hill Decisioning determines the most effective algorithm for your recommendation, the King-of-the-Hill Optimizer uses Gaussian Process Regression (aka Kriging) to fine-tune weights and parameters that optimize the selected algorithm for the greatest customer interaction and potential revenue.

Build Your Own Strategy

Empower your data scientists to define new strategies and test them against 125+ of our road-tested strategies. After all, you know your data and your customers the best.

True Omnichannel Recommendations

Send customer and product data from any cloud, app or device. We'll manage all of your data in one place and deliver personalized product recommendations wherever you want. Learn more.




Customer Preference Center

Give your customers the power to specify their preferences and use that data to tailor their individual recommendations.

Advanced Merchandising

Build ensemble recommendations by leveraging product attribute and compatibility data from trusted third party sources such as CNET DataSource™.


Deliver recommendations optimized for limited screen sizes to drive maximum conversion for your mobile experience.

Seamless Experiences

Graph a single view of your customer across sessions, devices and channels by storing customer data on our cloud without relying on cookies to deliver unified recommendations.

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Tools for the pro merchandiser




Access all your catalog data and fine-tune your recommendation strategies and site placements



Assess the status and impact of your recommendations within minutes


Test + Optimize

Test and optimize each placement using our A/B or multivariate testing capabilities Learn more



Integrate recommendations into any application using our APIs



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