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Create highly relevant content experiences for each individual customer

Build one-to-one relationships with all your customers by displaying content that engages them across all buying channels—web, mobile and email. RichRelevance Engage™ maps individual shopper behavior against advanced targeting and audience segmentation tools to enable marketers to personalize campaigns that deliver relevant content with precision and minimal effort.


Features built for maximum conversion

Auto-Optimization Powered by King-of-the-Hill Decisions

Don’t guess—let your data decide. Save valuable time by eliminating the need to run hundreds of manual A/B tests to get data-driven content personalization right.

True Omnichannel Campaigns

One centralized dashboard allows you to create, manage and deliver personalized campaigns across any channel - desktop, mobile, email, and call centers. Learn More.

Track What Matters to You

Measure and optimize your campaigns based on the KPIs that matter most to your brand—page views, repeat visits, cart adds, conversions, etc.—not just clicks.

HD Supply Solutions

“What I love about Engage is that it takes us out of the equation in determining what customers would respond to best. Because Engage is based on algorithms, it helps us make that decision.”

-Nicole Norris, Digital Marketing Manager, HD Supply


Download the Clarisonic Case Study here.


content personalization

Content Tag Management

Boost your productivity by applying tags to content from similar cohorts to build campaigns more quickly, automatically swapping contents in and out based on tags.

Embedded Recommendations

Embed product recommendations directly into your content, and leverage additional user data from recommendation interactions to fine-tune content personalization and boost your bottom line.

Advanced Targeting

Build or import existing audience segments for use in the Engage dashboard. Target content based on new or returning users, geolocation, referring URL, behavior, time of day, type of device, browser type, and more.

Segment Export

Segments built for targeting content on web/mobile can be exported to your ESP to trigger emails. Customize your own or utilize predefined ones, such as cart/search/browse abandonment, new product arrival, welcome series, and post-purchase.

pdf-icon-onlyDownload the one-sheet here.

Impactful Performance

Engage Stats

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Tools for the sophisticated marketer




Manage all your content and product personalization from a single dashboard



Assess the status and impact of your campaigns within minutes


Test + Optimize

Test and optimize each placement using our A/B testing capabilities Learn more



Add content personalization to any application using our APIs

Built on the Relevance Cloud™