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Personalize search and browse with the most relevant products

Instantly sort search and browse results for your customer as if you were arranging shelves in real time as a customer walks into the store. RichRelevance Discover™ boosts product discovery by personalizing a critical piece of real estate—search and browse—on your site or app.


Features built to drive lift

Personalized Search & Browse

Boost product discovery based on a shopper’s current and past behaviors, brand affinities, and price preferences.

Type-Ahead Suggestions

Present personalized suggestions of brands, categories, products and recommendations within the search bar.

Precise Rules & Controls

Control and manage product or brand placements via manual merchandising, blacklisting, brand boosting, and slot specifications.




Mobile Sort

Personalize search and browse to drive more conversion on mobile. Learn More.

No Retooling

Personalize existing search solutions without the need to retool the entire site.

Seamless Experiences

Graph a single view of your customer across sessions, devices, and channels by storing customer data on the cloud without relying on cookies to deliver unified recommendations.

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Tools for the pro merchandiser




Calibrate all your product and catalog rules and fine-tune your search and browse



Assess the status and impact of your search and browse personalization within minutes


Test + Optimize

Test and optimize each strategies using our A/B or MVT capabilities Learn more



Integrate personalized search and sort into any application using our APIs


Built on the Relevance Cloud™