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RichRelevance Build

Building blocks to personalize every customer application

Unlock the power of your customer data to innovate with seamlessly personalized moments at every step of your customer’s journey. RichRelevance Build™ services give you instant access to API-based personalization tools to manage and route your data from any source and integrate personalization into any application. Don’t just track data—learn from it and use it to build incredible products and experiences.


Create experiences limited only by your imagination

  • Marketing

    Find the right price promotion that brings customers back to that abandoned cart.

  • Advertising

    Optimize your AdWords campaigns based on product affinities.

  • Print

    Create catalog layouts based on audience segments.

  • Merchandising

    Discover and showcase local trends in real time or decide how to organize products online or in stores.

  • Customer Service

    Provide store associates and personal stylists with the ability to refine their recommendations based on complete user data.

  • Call Center

    Provide call context for service or sales calls using your customers’ browse or activity data.

The ingredients for personalization

Omnichannel Data Hub

Send data from your website, mobile app, catalogs, kiosks, beacons, point-of-sale registers and more. We'll manage all of your data in one place—whether it’s from a cloud, app or device—and route it wherever it’s needed. Learn more.

Personalization Graphing Tools

Personalization is based on analyzing data, formulating decisions based on the most relevant criteria, and taking action. Our foundational APIs paint a clear picture of your customer, product, and contextual data to help you get started with the personalization that’s right for your business. Learn more.

Event Stream

See all your data events in real time. The event stream shows you how people are engaging with your apps and which products are being sold… right now. It also provides a quick health check on the data flow to all your tools.

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Built on the Relevance Cloud™


What’s in it for me?


For Marketers

  • Eliminate bottlenecks and barriers to using your data for innovation.
  • Create experiences that represent your brand without being constrained by canned personalization.
  • Unify personalized customer experiences across any channel, without losing context.
  • Pinpoint where the customer is in the sales funnel—in real time.

For IT

  • Offer data-driven innovation to internal customers (marketing, sales, operations) with instant access to a flexible toolset.
  • Reduce risks of runaway costs or timelines using a cloud platform built for retail.
  • Get a clear view of your data in real time.
  • Free up resources used for 1-to-1 integration for every tool, cloud and platform, so your people can focus on solving strategic problems.