Big Data and Democracy: Lessons Learned on the Obama Campaign

Chief Data Scientist, Obama for America

Remembering John Riedl, Recommender Systems Pioneer

July 15, 2013 was a sad day indeed for all of us involved in recommender systems. John T. Riedl, one of the seminal pioneers of the field, passed away after a prolonged illness. John was an innovator not only in the academic study of Computer Science, but also in its industrial application, and in his concern for its social consequences.

Bayesian Analysis of Normal Distributions with Python

This post is all about dealing with Gaussians in a Bayesian way; it’s a prelude to the next post: “Bayesian A/B Testing with a Log-Normal Model.”  So don’t go analyzing the non-binary data from your $$A/B$$ tests until you read both blog posts!

The Return of #6

After working at RichRelevance for five years, Albert Sunwoo left in 2012 looking for something new and different. Though he loved the culture and work ethic, he was curious to see what else was out there. Stops at two other organizations during this hiatus proved to him that what we have here is not easily found and that the grass is not always greener. Watch his story…

Hack Week 2013 Project: I Know Where You Are

RichRelevance hosted Hack Week Spring 2013 from April 29th – May 3rd.  It was an exciting week filled with fresh ideas and new ways of doing things.  For our second {rr} Hack Week, 25 team members participated on 14 different projects which dealt with everything from runtime distributed cache research to real-time informative wallboards.

Bayesian A/B Tests

Here at RichRelevance we regularly run live tests to ensure that our algorithms are providing top-notch performance.  Our RichRecs engine, for example, displays personalized product recommendations to consumers, and the $$A/B$$ tests we run pit our recommendations against recommendations generated by a competing algorithm, or no recommendations at all.

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