Why Riachuelo, Brazil’s Largest Fast-Fashion Retailer, Chose Find™ for Their eCommerce Debut

When Riachuelo sat down to create their first-ever eCommerce experience, the largest Brazilian fast-fashion retailer wanted to deliver a cutting-edge personalized experience that would dynamically prioritize shoppers individual preferences at scale. To deliver on this concept, Riachuelo sought a flexible solution that would dynamically combine internal expertise with the implicit contextual signals derived from the customer journey to make good on the promise of a unique and individualized shopping experience.

How To Win Over Customers in an Era of Endless Disruption

There are two contrasting trends emerging in retail – fast and frictionless verses experiential and time well spent.

Recent technological advancements in retail have focused on speeding up the customer experience, making it as efficient as possible, especially around the checkout; as we’ve seen in the Amazon Go stores, where it’s been eliminated completely. In contrast, the growing experience economy has placed greater emphasis on the notion of ‘slow retail’ – slowing down the shopping experience by creating even more ways for shoppers to engage with brands in a way that goes beyond transactions to memorable experiences. Think REI and their in-store rock face or Sweaty Betty and their in-store fitness classes.

So what is the right strategy for a retailer to pursue to be successful?

Interaction Optimization vs. AI: A Three-part Series

Part 3 of 3

Why Man and Machine Make Digital Marketing Better

In the last blog, we’ve established all the problems machines can solve by themselves, what does that leave for the human marketer?

As it turns out, plenty.

Interaction Optimization vs. AI: A Three-part Series

Part 2 of 3

How AI Can Help Solve Three of the Biggest Problems Facing Digital Marketers

In the last blog, we discussed the buzz coming out of martech about AI and took a little trip down memory lane to revisit early interaction optimization tech like heat maps and A/B tests and some of the thrills the related experimentation gave us. What we realized in the process is that we’re still chasing the same problems. It’s just that now we have something better, AI and ML, to help us solve them.

New Forrester Report on Search: Why Are Digital Experience Teams Missing Search

Search is one of the most essential components of a personalized experience, which can drive up to 45% of e-commerce revenue. Yet despite its importance, site search has barely evolved in a decades time. With a focus on customer experience and personalized interactions many retailers and brands have taken steps to improve the experiences they offer at every touch point and many have come to recognize how challenged their current Search deployments are for both the consumer and the business user. Infact, most legacy Search technologies require heavy lifting from IT or dev teams and leave business users frustrated by a lack of flexibility and inability to make real time improvements.

Interaction Optimization vs. AI: A Three-part Series

Part 1 of 3

Why Experimentation Is the Past and the Future of Marketing

I’m always amused by the hype that surrounds the introduction of any new technology. Regardless of what it is or does, inevitably, someone will claim that it will invalidate everything that came before it. Or even better yet, that it will eliminate the need for human intervention altogether.

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