RichRelevance leverages the power of Big Data and AI technologies to accelerate and innovate personalization for leading brands and retailers – including Office Depot, Barneys, Marks & Spencer and L’Oreal. Our enterprise-class infrastructure, combined with an open source technology stack and groundbreaking data science and advanced machine learning (AI) results in a high-performance, scalable and extremely reliable personalization platform. Plus, we take customer data privacy and security seriously. We have been named #1 in personalization by Internet Retailer for the last six years.

$24 B
incremental sales delivered
decisions driven daily
5 PB
Multi-tenant Hadoop installation

Infrastructure Built for the Enterprise

Blazing fast page loads

RichRelevance is the only personalization provider with enterprise scale infrastructure. Our 14 global data centers ensure industry leading speeds and uptime.  Read how we delivered over 630 million page views for 2016 Black Friday.

Proven and efficient

We’ve chosen to use proven, efficient and more accessible ways to develop our software in order to deliver a high quality and cost efficient personalization platform to you.

We use Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Parquet, Pig, Hbase, and R as our underlying open source technologies for reliable, scalable, distributed computing.

Giving back

We actively contribute knowledge and expertise to improving these collaborative tools so that the larger open source community/ecosystem, which includes academics, researchers, and non-profits, can innovate as well.

patents issued
global data centers
630 M
page views on Black Friday


Of leading edge Big Data technology

From a technology platform perspective, Relevance Cloud allows us to be agile in terms of how we’re creating data and personalized-driven product for both internal and customer consumption. Traditionally, this is something you might try to do through a CRM or OMS, and that would be a huge headache.

EVP of Digital, Luxury Department Store Retailer

requests/sec. during shopping peak
robust infrastructure with industry's fastest response times
avg. requests/sec. (Twitter averages 9,100 tweets/sec.)

Let's dig a little deeper

Data Science

Customer Profiles
  • RichRelevance uses customer data to discover interests, purchases, and interactions with your store across all channels.
  • User profiles are updated in real time to allow our advanced predictive models to make effective decisions.
King of the Hill Decisioning
  • We use look-a-like matching of customers to overcome data sparsity and extend the power of personalization.
  • Not all crowds are created equal; our engine automatically identifies sub-populations with different types of behavior in order to take advantage of those differences.
  • Our algorithms dynamically tune their behavior (using real-time metrics and Gaussian process regression) to optimize performance for each client, and also to adapt to seasonality and changing customer behavior.
King of the Hill Optimizer

Our King of the Hill Optimizer technology is powered by Gaussian Process Regression methods that ensure our personalization technologies match your specific customer segment.Once King of the Hill Decisioning determines the most effective algorithm for your recommendation, the King of the Hill Optimizer uses Gaussian Process Regression (aka Kriging) to fine-tune weights and parameters that optimize the selected algorithm for the greatest customer interaction and potential revenue. With King of the Hill Optimizer, personalization is no longer constrained by manual parameter selection; it is dynamically automated and optimized in real time, ensuring the personal experiences delivered to each and every customer will generate the most effective response.

Consumer Privacy

Full Compliance

Your customers’ privacy is paramount to us and we ensure that we remain in lockstep with the evolving regulatory and legislative landscape.

  • Our privacy policy, which can be found here, and practices have been awarded TRUSTe’s Privacy Seal.
  • Fully compliant with the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework and the U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework
  • Certified for adherence to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access, and enforcement.

Data Security

Full Compliance

Your customers’ data are safe with us and we have taken following steps to secure it.

  • We do not capture or sell any PII/PCI or financial data.
  • All of RichRelevance’s co-location and hosted state-of-the-art facilities are SSAE16/ISO27001/ISO9000/SOC1-2-3 compliant.
  • All of our customers’ data are logically siloed to prevent unintended access by irrelevant parties.
  • Remote access is setup with two-step authentication, and thoroughly monitored and logged to prevent intrusion.
  • Our data centers detect DDOS and brute-force attacks and, block the offending IPs.
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