Introducing the new RichRelevance Dashboard

Personalization is what empowers retailers to create a 1-1 relationship with customers online. By tracking engagement and other KPIs, you can quickly take stock of how are you doing with those relationships.

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The Tipping Point for Outliers in A/B Testing

Malcolm Gladwell recently popularized the term ‘outlier’ when referring to successful individuals. In data terms, however, outliers are data points that are far removed from other data points, or flukes.

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2013 Season of Shopping Insights 2: Insights Across America

Continuing our series on “2013 Season of Shopping Insights,” we analyzed shopping behavior in the top 50 cities across the US (including mobile share of views, and mobile share of sales) and uncovered some regional shopping patterns—and anomalies—that may surprise you.

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2013 Season of Shopping Insights: Shoppers Less Responsive to Retailers’ Day-Specific Promotions though Cyber Monday Gains Ground

As a data-driven company that derives relevant shopping insights  from the billions of shopping sessions we touch each year, we wanted to assemble a series of interesting take-aways that showcase notable trends of the all-important holiday shopping season.

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80 Hours of Consumer Innovation: My Weekend with the Pinterest API

Working in consumer innovation, I have the unique opportunity—and dilemma—of deciding whether or not to invest my team’s energy on the dozens of brilliant ideas that cross my desk each week.

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DM News – Acxiom’s Inaccurate Data and Why It’s So Useful

The oldest and largest marketing data aggregator, Acxiom, recently opened up its database to let individuals see and edit the data that the company has collected about them. Data scientists and marketers have been viewing the data and, often, chuckling at its inaccuracy.

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