This Holiday, Sell in the Moment

“As retailers head into what looks to be one of the most challenging holiday seasons on record, many have high hopes that top sellers will drive sales. But promoting “mega trends” like the Tickle Me Elmo or iPod of past holiday seasons won’t necessarily be the best way to drive sales this year, as many cash-strapped consumers forgo big-ticket items for smaller, less expensive gifts. Instead, retailers should take advantage of the technology tools available to them to hone in on the “micro trends” of the season.”

How richrelevance performed over Black Friday and Cyber Monday

At RichRelevance, we have been planning for the holiday shopping load since early summer. This was our first Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and since we provide recommendations for some big merchants, we knew this was going to be a critical test of our product architecture, infrastructure, and execution.  

4 Steps to Making Strategic Decisions in Today’s Market

An infinite amount of hypothesizing and contemplating can be applied to the question: “What to do given the market is going to crap?” The number of hypotheses as to what exactly will happen and how this will affect our businesses is equally untenable.

Merchandising to the Minute

Online consumers are increasingly being bombarded with new sources of information, from Internet news outlets and email, to blogs, instant messages, podcasts, YouTube videos, text messages, and viral marketing campaigns. 

Always Be Reactivating

Customers typically go through a series of lifecycle phases including prospect, acquisition, cross-sell, fading, churn (a.k.a. attrition), and reactivation (a.k.a. win-back). In subscription-based products like cable TV and magazines, churn is well-defined: if the don’t renew then they churned. 

Welcome to the RichRelevance forum

Innovation in ecommerce is experiencing a renaissance of sorts. Whereas the last sweep of tools and technologies available to etailers came nearly a decade ago and more or less simply facilitated getting products online, today’s entrepreneurs are delivering everything from ratings and review widgets to deep analytics to personalization.

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