A Little Personal Side of Personalization


Today, we’re starting a less-businessy side of the {rr} blog. Some of my friends and mentors are able to blend the blogs of business and personal together (e.g., Glenn Kelman over at Redfin!)–it seems silly that {rr} as the leading personalization company isn’t already making its blog a little more personal.

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CheetahMail Summit – Email, Art & Science

Over 500 people participated in the CheetahMail Annual Summit last week in New York City. RichRelevance was pleased to be a sponsor and exhibitor at the event which was themed around “The Art & Science of Customer Engagement.”

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Behind the Curtain of Corp Dev: Buy High, Sell Low

As an entrepreneur, I interact with many different branches of business at our various partners, customers and vendors: from sales and marketing, to engineering, to IT and corporate development. While I’ve spent the least amount of time interacting with Corp Dev, I’ve nonetheless maintained a highly ambivalent view of them—until very recently.

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Vendors versus Partners

The Hot Dog Vendor

The other day I’m at the ballpark watching the Mariners get their butt kicked, and I hear that old call, “Hot dogs!  Get’cher hot dogs!”  I send money down the line and catch the hot dog the vendor chucks my way.

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The Benefits of Respecting the Shopper: Amazon’s Rise to U.S. Top Performing Brand

The naming of Amazon.com as the top-performing brand in the US by market research firm Millward Brown is truly a watershed moment for e-commerce players who have neither the long standing history nor seeming reach of many traditional multi-channel retailers.

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Respect the Shopper

Welcome to a new era of retail where the shopper is in charge. With competitors literally a click away, total transparency in the purchase experience and the ability to instantly price check from a mobile, today’s consumer is fully in command of the shopping experience. With this in mind, RichRelevance has launched a new campaign: Respect the Shopper.

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