Architecting Not Just a Successful (And Winning!) Infrastructure…But a Solid Team

As a result of our company winning the 2009 Intel Premier IT Knowledge Award (announced on 9/1/09), I had the opportunity to participate in the CIO 100 Symposium Awards in Colorado Springs, CO. 

The Online Shopper’s Need For Speed

June 25, 2009 will be remembered in many memories as the day Michael Jackson died, but for those of us working the front lines of Internet infrastructure June 25, 2009 will be the day our servers and the patience of millions of users was tested with the news of Michael Jackson’s death.

Why IT infrastructure and planning is mission critical

“Beginning at approximately 11:18 PM on July 2nd and continuing through the present time Fisher Plaza experienced a significant power event that required all power systems including street power, UPS, and Generator power to be completely shut down in Plaza East.”

Introducing Xtreme Personalization™

When we launched RichRelevance, we chose the tagline “next generation personalized recommendations” because the status quo solutions – all first generation products – were not delivering on the promise of a faster, easier, and more enjoyable shopping experience.

Inspired by Pixar: Empowering Your Creatives

In response to richrelevance receiving the “2009 Best Place to Work” in the SF Bay Area recognition, one of my advisors reached out to me and asked a pertinent question: what are you doing to preserve your culture?

MyRecs: Aligning the stars, setting new, higher standards

Last quarter, we launched MyRecs a “zero-integration” product building on the data and integration of our RichRecs and RichMail products. The results are exciting thus far and are only getting better.

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