B2B Personalization: Is Now The Time to Start?

Matching what we are hearing from the market,  B2B executives from across multiple B2B verticals see digital as a primary driver of their growth strategy and expect the majority of their products to be sold online in the next five years, according to a study of business leaders in the United States and Europe. Digital commerce will become the dominant channel in that time period, moving beyond “secondary” status, according to a new report titled Why Digital Will Become the Primary Channel for B2B Engagement.

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5 Criteria That Matter Most When Upgrading Site Search

As Forrester just noted, digital experience teams are investing in site search – and re-vamping this critical feature can bring major benefits (see our July 26 blog post).  As part of their upgrade efforts, digital leaders are marrying personalization and search in order to present shoppers with an individualized experience. The rewards are significant: online marketplace Swap.com saw an initial ‘out of the box’ conversion increase of 7.3% from personalized search – the biggest conversion increase Swap.com has ever seen as the result of introducing a new tech capability.

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Is B2B Ready to Be Amazon’ed?

They’re Coming for You Next: Amazon Hits $10 Billion in B2B Sales

In another amazing growth story from the giant in the Northwest, Amazon has gone from $1 billion to $10 billion in online B2B sales in less than 3 years.  If Amazon didn’t get onto the radar of B2B players with their announcement of Amazon Prime for Business, then they should have gotten their attention with their latest announcement: Amazon Business tops $10 billion annual revenue run rate.

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Strategic Alliance between RichRelevance and Amplience Helps Retailers Deliver Personalized Content

As our attention spans shrink by the minute, retailers are experimenting with different practices to reach a highly distracted customer. Retailers are not only battling each other but they are also competing with the myriad of distractions that surround our everyday lives. As retailers look for effective ways to reach their customers they must ensure that they provide personalized and appealing content to attract their customers. Personalized content not only reduces bounce rates, but also drives more relevance to customers and increases brand awareness. With this in mind, RichRelevance and Amplience launched our joint solution, Open eXperience Cloud (OXC).

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Why You Should Look Beyond Attributable Sales

Many personalization companies are tempted to use attributable sales as a metric for measuring the value generated by personalization. While it is important to have a healthy level of attributable sales to ensure your shoppers are engaging sufficiently with personalization, aiming to maximize attributable sales will ultimately result in degraded performance, and even a loss in revenue. That’s because the attributable sales metric does not take into account the impact of the following 3 phenomena:

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How to Avoid the Most Common Personalization Pitfalls in Online Grocery

Given the personal nature of food and consumer goods preferences, the grocery sector is perfectly poised to introduce highly personalized experiences that stimulate better and more intelligent upsell, conversion and loyalty. Yet, digital grocery shopping presents many unique challenges for grocers that make it far more complex for grocers to transform the digital experience, than for their retail cousins. As a result of the nuanced challenges, digital grocers will never operate as ‘simply’ as most other ecommerce areas.

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