Personalized Recommendations

GANT Grows Online Sales by 15% with Personalization

Leading fashion brand, GANT has seen online sales improve by 15% since putting their trust in personalization.

Why You Should Sometimes Look Beyond Attributable Sales

Many personalization companies like to demonstrate the value of personalization via attributable sales increases. Unfortunately, not all attributable sales are created equal. Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Overlap – the portion of items that are included in attributable sales that would have been purchased regardless of personalization and/or recommendations (in the absence of personalization)
  2. Cannibalization – the reduction of an order value due to recommendations of a less expensive item
  3. Shopper Distraction – possible distraction that might occur when shoppers become distracted by recommendations which takes them higher in the funnel and does not result in conversion within the same session.

Bubbleroom transform mobile performance with personalization

It is typically thought that shoppers mainly browse and research on their mobile devices, with purchases taking place via other channels. Many retailers therefore accept their mobile conversion rates will be lower than those on desktop websites.

Bubbleroom isn’t any ordinary retailer and back in 2016 they had the vision to target a mobile conversion ratio that rivalled its website.