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5 Killer Stats to Start the Week

From UK consumers wanting more transparency from retailers about AI, to less than a quarter of companies reporting GDPR compliance post deadline, here are all the stats you need to know this week….

Half of consumers prefer a mix of AI and human shopping interaction

More than half (55%) of global consumers say that they prefer a combination of AI and human interaction in their shopping experience, yet only 10% of companies are willing to implement it, says a new study….

Brits give thumbs down to emotion detection tech, RichRelevance

RichRelevance has released research which asked 1,047 UK consumers to rate a number of different technologies and trends as either ‘creepy’ or ‘cool’….

UK consumers creeped out by retail technology that detects emotion

RichRelevance’s new survey suggests that a lack of understand may be putting shoppers off AI….


The survey found tech that was previously in vogue has become less popular while new technologies have won favour with Brits…

UK Consumers Still in the Dark on AI

Almost a third of UK customers are willing to share more personal data to improve their shopping experience, although they are less willing to hand it over than their European counterparts. ..

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