Goodbye Summer, Hello Holidays

Yes, there is Black Friday and Cyber Monday and even Super Saturday, but the real question is are you ready?

Holiday Season Readiness Guide for Online Retailers

Black Friday is four months (and some change) away and retailers who have not yet turned their attention to peak spending season should do so now.

While it is not the time for major redesigns or replatforming, there is ample time to shore up security, optimize forms, consider alternative payment methods, cater to customers’ expectations and set up shipping options.

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Most retailers would benefit from staying closed on Thanksgiving Day

Over the years, consumers seem to have grown used to the Thanksgiving Day openings, even if they still have a distaste for the practice. More than half (55%) of Americans surveyed by RichRelevance, a tech company that services more than 200 retailers, said they are “annoyed” or “very annoyed” when stores stay open on Thanksgiving, down from 65% in 2014.

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Christmas Creep getting less creepy

The advancing holiday promotional schedule has been a double-edged sword for retailers that want the sales without irritating shoppers. Now, there’s new evidence to suggest that consumers are becoming less annoyed by the practice.

U.S. consumers are still bothered by Christmas Creep, but less so with each passing year. Roughly 63 percent are annoyed or very annoyed when holiday goods appear in stores before Halloween, down from 71 percent in 2014, according to a new survey by RichRelevance.

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Shoppers less irritated by ‘Christmas Creep’

Although most Americans are still irritated to see holiday items appear in the store alongside Halloween goodies and don’t like stores being open on Thanksgiving, attitudes are beginning to change.

That’s according to RichRelevance’s third-annual Holiday Shopping Survey, which finds that 63% of consumers are annoyed or very annoyed when holiday items appear in the store before Halloween – down from 71% in 2014. In addition, 55% are annoyed or very annoyed when stores open on Thanksgiving Day, down from 65% in 2014.

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If You Hate Stores Being Open on Thanksgiving, You’ll Really Hate This

Looks like Thanksgiving shopping, Christmas Creep are here to stay.

The legions of Americans who hope to save Thanksgiving from the crassness and commercialism of the rest of the holiday shopping season appear to be losing the battle. A new survey shows that more Americans are becoming cool with the fact that stores are open for business with huge holiday sales and promotions on Thanksgiving Day.

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