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Delivering Personalized Emails embedded with 1-1 Recommendations and Content is more important than ever in today’s market. Shoppers are inundated with an overwhelming amount of communication from brands, retailers and service providers and are challenged to sort through the masses of emails to click and open the communications and promotions they care about. Which is exactly why, sending basic “Let us know how you liked XYZ” and “Because you bought X, you might like Y” emails don’t cut through the clutter anymore. This type of standard email marketing loses the stickiness and CTR that encourages the shopper to return to the site. Retailers must approach emails with a true 1-1 personalization approach and deliver email content, subject lines, and imagery that is tailored to each individual shopper.

Introducing Customer Preference Center

Like it. Love it. Prefer it: The Customer Preference Center Makes Shopping Personal

It’s Official: Engage™ is Now Generally Available to Personalize Content & Campaign

Today, we are thrilled to announce that RichRelevance Engage, the dynamic content personalization solution, is now out of beta and available to all our customers. Engage enables the delivery of content and campaigns in real time based on individual shopper behavior and shopping history across online, mobile and email channels.

Professional Jeweller – Accessorize to use e-receipts for tailored deals

Monsoon Accessorize has become the first UK high street retailer to use multichannel data sources from both its in-store and online customers to deliver unique personalised offers via email receipts.

The move sees the fashion chain provide its customers with the most sophisticated and relevant offers of any multichannel retailer, according to eReceipts – the world’s leading digital receipts provider.

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My Retail Media – Accessorize to provide personal service via e-reciepts

Monsoon Accessorize has begun to use multichannel data sources from online and bricks-and-mortar shoppers to create personalized offers for email receipts – and is the first UK high street store to do so. The digital receipts provider eReceipts has deemed the service the most up-to-date of any current multichannel store. Customers are now given targeted product recommendations completely catered to them, the information for which is drawn from emailed receipts of past purchases.

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Retail Week – Monsoon Accessorize leverages emailed receipts to target customers

Monsoon Accessorize is using data from in-store and online transactions to send customers more targeted emails.

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