Cyber Monday

Goodbye Summer, Hello Holidays

Yes, there is Black Friday and Cyber Monday and even Super Saturday, but the real question is are you ready?

How Black Friday has Changed from a Weekend Fling to a Week Long Love Affair

In the weeks that fly by in the lead up to Christmas, November’s final weekend has established itself as the busiest shopping period of the year. While most retailers got ready to dive into a weekend of online ‘supermarket sweep’, the team at RichRelevance geared up for a busy period making sure the retail frenzy converted into purchases and maximum revenue for brands.


Study: 58% of shoppers say deal days like Black Friday don’t matter

Consumers are less annoyed with holiday merchandise alongside Halloween goods, according to a new survey.

The Christmas creep is not your cousin Eddie in a too-tight Rudolph sweater with an eggnog mustache.

Christmas creep refers to holiday-related sales and products appearing earlier each year online and in stores. Several retailers, such as Sam’s Club, The Bon-Ton Stores Inc. (No. 169 in the Internet Retailer 2016 Top 500 Guide) and Target Corp. (No. 22), are rolling out Black Friday deals before Thanksgiving, even though Black Friday occurs on the day after Thanksgiving.


Scaling the peaks of Black Friday 2014: Shopping Insights and Metrics

We’ve finally slowed down enough to reflect on how we did in 2014 and the final holiday push: pretty darn great if I may say so myself. We ended another year at 100% uptime all year with record loads and HUGE growth.

Retail Gazette – How to prepare for the Black Friday weekend

In the states, the Friday following Thanksgiving is better known as Black Friday and the Monday succeeding Thanksgiving has been coined Cyber Monday. Black Friday marks the start of the Christmas shopping season, it sees consumers flock to stores – which generally open earlier than usual – in order to take advantage of promotional offers.

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How richrelevance performed over Black Friday and Cyber Monday

At RichRelevance, we have been planning for the holiday shopping load since early summer. This was our first Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and since we provide recommendations for some big merchants, we knew this was going to be a critical test of our product architecture, infrastructure, and execution.