Awarded Best Use of Data Science Workbench

At the RichRelevance Personalization Summit in late February we celebrated some of our most innovative customers in our personalization awards. One award recognized a customer for the most effective and differentiated algorithm built with the Data Science Workbench.

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It Turns Out the Joke Is on Us

One the of the great cosmic jokes we almost all struggle against as we get older is the belief that the following generation had an easier time of it than ours. While the reality is that each new generation has its own context that really can’t be compared to the one that came before or after, I’m starting to think that the current business climate might just be the exception.

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Why 2019 Will be the Year of Recapturing the ‘Joy of Shopping’

As 2019 moves forward, retailers are finally starting to see some of the practices and technologies they lined up last year roll out. And with these updates, they’re also learning how to use these innovations to get consumers excited and bring fun back to shopping. “2018 was all about re-platforming,” said Erik Sultmanis, business development specialist…

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How a swim and yoga apparel retailer uses AI to guide shoppers through its huge selection

Spiraledge taps natural language technology from RichRelevance Inc. to improve product recommendations and generate “good friction” for online shoppers.

Increased competition for web traffic and the rising costs of customer acquisition continue to make ecommerce more challenging. To mitigate those problems, Spiraledge Inc., a retailer of swimwear and yoga gear and apparel, is using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to make the most out of every consumer visit.

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Facial Recognition Brings Opportunity … and Privacy Concerns

Regulators and advocacy groups have also voiced opposition. For example, during a speech at The Brookings Institution last December, Microsoft president Brad Smith said, “If we fail to think these things through, we run the risk that we’re going to suddenly find ourselves in the year 2024 and our lives are going to look a little too much like they came out of the book ‘1984.’”

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One trend continually on the rise is shopper dissatisfaction with what once passed for personalization. More so than ever before, your customers want and even demand that you know them better, understand their individual needs, and inspire them to continue shopping. The time has come to rethink personalization by making the leap to Hyper-Personalization. With Hyper-Personalization, and the new features launched in support, we allow you to take the next evolutionary step and do what the marketing clouds and rest of the personalization industry can’t: deliver real-time personalized and shoppable experiences at the individual level.

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