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Research shows that brands and retailers believe artificial intelligence (AI) will give rise to significant opportunities across retail, creating more meaningful relationships with customers.

While almost 60% of businesses would trust fully automated AI-driven marketing campaigns to deliver meaningful content to their customers, only 45% of customers believe personalised adverts displayed to them are relevant, according to a study by international law firm CMS, in partnership with Retail Economics.

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Dixons Carphone Receives Award for Best Omnichannel Personalization Initiative

At the RichRelevance personalization summit in February we celebrated some of our most innovative customers in our personalization awards.  One of these awards, Best Omnichannel Personalization Initiative, rewarded the retailer who made significant in-roads into connecting sales channels to improve the customer experience. Which we know is easier said than done.

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Burgers & Shake-ups: Digitising the Drive-Thru

A plan by fast food giant McDonald’s to bring Digital Experience to the drive-thru could be a risk, it has been warned.

The company has announced plans to make it’s biggest deal in two decades – the purchase of tech firm Dynamic Yield for more than $300 million. It will allow McDonald’s to incorporate the firm’s technology at drive-thru locations to react to various factors, such as weather and demand inside the restaurant.

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McDonald’s acquires AI firm

Burger giant McDonald’s is acquiring an artificial intelligence (AI) company for at least $300 million

The purchase of Dynamic Yield is part of the fast food chains goal of providing a more digitised and personalised service.

It will allow McDonald’s digital drive-thru displays to show menu items based on the time of day and weather and display items based on their popularity while recommending additional items.

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At the RichRelevance personalization summit at the end of February, we celebrated some of our most innovative and forward-thinking customers with our personalization awards.  One award highlighted commitment and strategy dedicated  to personalization, the award for ‘Most Visionary Experience Personalization’.  This award was awarded to the retailer who developed the most strategic personalization strategy and a full lifecycle personalization roadmap.

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Office Depot Receives the 2019 Award for Excellence in Personalization Application

At our recent Personalization Summit, RichRelevance recognized several customers who are innovating in Personalization with awards. One of the award categories recognized retailers who have shown the greatest initiative to engage in personalization best practices, optimizations and/or testing initiatives.

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At the RichRelevance Personalization Summit in late February we celebrated some of our most innovative customers in our personalization awards. One award recognized a customer for the most effective and differentiated algorithm built with the Data Science Workbench.

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It Turns Out the Joke Is on Us

One the of the great cosmic jokes we almost all struggle against as we get older is the belief that the following generation had an easier time of it than ours. While the reality is that each new generation has its own context that really can’t be compared to the one that came before or after, I’m starting to think that the current business climate might just be the exception.

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