UK: Tipping the Amazon Monopoly in Your Favour

This week in the UK, Amazon’s devoted team of observers will note its continuing dominance over everything from groceries to yoga mats; and, as it ties Morrisons into extending its same day delivery partnership.

The grocery giant is now wholly reliant on Amazon if it is to continue to compete on the delivery front. Morrisons will become a retailer on Amazon’s Prime Now website and app and continues as a wholesaler to Amazon’s other UK grocery customers as per the “Morrisons at Amazon” agreement three years ago.

The message is clear: Trying to beat Amazon at its own game is futile. Brands need to play differently to survive now that it has captured the minds and wallets, if not the hearts, of such a significant chunk of the market.


UK: Tipping the Amazon Monopoly in Your Favour


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This post was written by Raj Badarinath

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