Watch out: Here comes the iPad 3

Internet Retailer cites RichRelevance’s mobile study as the latest version of the iPad is set to be announced.

…iPad owners are retail carnivores. 92% of non-desktop online sales originated from an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch in December 2011, up from 88% in April 2011, says personalization vendor RichRelevance Inc. It studied 3.4 billion shopping sessions on its retailer clients’ sites between April and December 2011. What’s more, shoppers using Apple mobile devices have a larger average order value compared with other mobile platforms—$123 for Apple versus $101 for Android in December 2011. And that far outstrips the desktop average order value of $87.

And the tablet and smartphone shoppers just keep on coming. The share of U.S. online retail dollars attributable to mobile devices has doubled from 1.87% in April 2011 to 3.74% in December 2011, RichRelevance finds. Further, in April 2011 just under 9% of all shoppers were browsing retail sites on a mobile device. By December 2011, that share more than doubled, reaching 18 percent of all consumers.

This is all good news for e-retailers, but especially for those that are prepared for iPad owners. And many retailers are on the right track with mobile commerce.

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