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Testing + Optimization

Powerful capabilities for rapid and effective decision-making

Rich testing and optimization capabilities are built into all RichRelevance personalization solutions and accessible through the dashboard. You have complete access to a set of tools needed to measure performance and improve your personalization strategies at your desired pace.

Testing built to drive ROI

Multivariate Testing

Run multiple synchronous tests to understand the value of personalization across channels and visualize the revenue impact for each RichRelevance solution.

Hill Climbing Optimization

Implement a systematic “hill climbing” business approach that utilizes consistent, data-driven testing and experimentation and achieve rapid ROI.

A/B Testing

Validate your RichRelevance solution against a control scenario to optimize revenue, conversion and overall value to your customer. In just minutes, configure and deploy tests on any percentage of traffic right from the dashboard as often as you like, and check back daily for results.

Personalization Command Center

Manage your personalization strategy and control all RichRelevance solutions in one dashboard. Seamlessly navigate from configuration to testing, and from optimization to reporting. Visualize tests and reports with in-dashboard data and easily export them for use with the click of a button.

Built-in Views


Sales Reporting

Sales Reporting

View detailed sales reports based on category, session, product, etc.


Popular Trends

Derive actionable insights from the most viewed products


Page Type Performance

Implement the most impactful strategies to drive traffic and purchases based on page type performance



View at-a-glance metrics like year-to-date attributables, average order value, and items per order