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Big Box

Unlock customer intent by delivering the right content to the right shopper in fewer clicks.

As a big box retailer, we know how advanced your personalization needs are. You’re addressing a variety of needs across unlimited shopper segments and multiple channels. {rr} has been a trusted partner to leading big box retailers both here in North America and in the UK and EU, helping them to innovate ahead of the personalization curve, developing new features and strategies that not only increase shopper loyalty, but drastically reduce the strain on the retailer’s marketing and merchandising teams while adding to the bottom line.

Apparel Electronics Office Supplies

Targeted Promotions

Automatically determine which campaign and creative will be most effective for each of your shoppers, and surface niche promotions for micro-segments through our smart segmentation and shopper targeting tools.

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Personalized Landing Pages Dedicated to Your Promotions

Create dedicated personalized landing pages featuring all products eligible for promotion to dramatically increase your click through rates and sales lift.

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Automated Email Triggering and Shopper Segmentation

Do you have shoppers that qualify for multiple email campaigns? No problem! Our email optimization tool not only selects the most relevant campaign for your shopper, but it also takes into consideration which campaign is most likely to result in a purchase.

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Intelligent Cross-Sell

Benefit from the structured knowledge of over 100 million electronics product attributes accessible through CNET’s DataSource database. We are the only personalization provider who can offer this level of merchandising.

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Download the John Lewis case study Download the Big Box RichPromo case study

Select Big Box Customers

John Lewis
Marks & Spencer

John Lewis reported a 27.9% increase in online sales in the 5 weeks to 31st December, after introducing {rr}’s personalised product recommendations in mid-November

We wanted to team up with a technology partner who demonstrated previous success working with other large retailers, both in and outside of France. RichRelevance provides an automated solution, which means the teams don’t need to spend hours managing personalisation. The transparency of the tool means that we can also focus on the product categories, which are really important for us. It also frees up staff time to focus on other customer experience projects.

— Olivier Mathiot

Co-Founder and Director of Marketing Communications, PriceMinister-Rakuten