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Omnichannel Personalization Solutions

To the consumer, there is no longer any distinction between the online and offline worlds. The same should go for your personalization. RichRelevance personalization products work across mobile, web, in store, and other channels to create relevant experiences that span the continuum of the customer lifecycle.


According to Forrester, nearly 7 in 10 shoppers now use a mobile device while in the store, and retailers are investing heavily in new technologies to make the in-store shopping experience better than ever. Find more insights from our "Creepy or Cool" study here.


Personalize each touch point, on every channel

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According to Deloitte Digital, digital technologies influence nearly half of all in-store retail sales. Additionally, shoppers engaging across channels spend 40% more. The strategic value of optimizing data for your omnichannel shopper has never been more clear. RichRelevance helps you leverage omnichannel data to create a 360-degree view of your customer’s shopping behaviors and preferences, so that you can engage them with highly relevant experiences on your website.

Customer Story

Learn how a $4 billion leading office supply retailer drove $8 million lift in revenue by tying their point of sale to online personalization.

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Create rich experiences tailored for mobile screens with limited real estate—experiences that deliver moments of magic through personalization and captivate every mobile shopper. The Relevance Cloud™ provides a complete mobile personalization solution for retailers to help shoppers discover relevant products and convert faster on mobile sites and apps.

Customer Story

Learn how experienced a 25x increase in revenue one year after implementing personalization on their mobile app.

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The physical store remains the foundation of retail--offering customers the ability to touch and feel products, experience brands authentically, and develop relationships with store associates that guide and support their purchases. Yet while the physical store provides a complete sensory experience, online stores struggle to incorporate these same high-touch interactions in the digital realm.

Customer Story

Learn how Monsoon Accessorize used personalization in their mobile POS application to drive 10% of store sales and a 133% increase in basket size for 320 stores.

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Once the overlooked stepchild of online marketing, email today has emerged as a key
weapon in the marketing arsenal. The creation and delivery of email campaigns have
grown systematic with the use of ESPs, so marketers can now focus on introducing
customized, curated content and messaging through personalization. No longer a “nice
to have,” this is a “must have” as consumers expect your emails to be as personalized
as your site or app, and consistent across channels based on their individual behavior.

Customer Story

Learn how a $2B+ B2B retailer in Europe achieved a 8.4% lift in order conversion with personalized content and product recommendations in email.

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As the customer journey expands beyond traditional channels, the contact center remains a unique channel for the remote customer to receive the same personalized, 1:1 attention that customers receive in store. Using intuitive and intelligent personalization technologies, contact center personnel can obtain a clear view of customer history, preferences, purchases, and behaviors, regardless of location or channel, enabling them to turn the contact center into a revenue center.

Customer Story

A leading direct home shopping company in the UK has seen their recommendations- influenced sales grow 100% year over year. In a test, recommendations drove a 15% increase in upsell and cross-sell success.

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