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25 Oct 2016

Modernize Commerce Search: How to Improve Findability at Every Touchpoint

Until today, Commerce Search engines have failed to deliver the experience and results today’s omnichannel consumers seek. Legacy Commerce Search solutions have lacked the real time ability to truly measure and respond to consumers’ ever changing behavior. This paper defines why Findability is the essential metric for Commerce Search highlighting how it positively impacts the... View Article

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04 Aug 2016

Get Your Shoppers to Log In

In a retail world with more digital touchpoints than you can count, how do you connect the dots? Your customers are busier, more distracted and more overwhelmed then they’ve ever been before so understanding their shopping journey is crucial. Your shoppers will be more inclined to spend the time logging in if you can demonstrate... View Article

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24 Jun 2016

Book People Case Study

Book People needed a solution to give them the ability to wow customers through innovative, engaging and highly personalized experiences to improve conversion rates and remain competitive without presenting the customer with too much choice.

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