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11 Sep 2012

For us, “It’s Personal”: creating a ubiquitous personalization fabric

Today, we are introducing RichRelevance’s new communications platform, “It’s Personal.” I love this phrase because it captures the essence of our business in so many ways.  “It’s Personal!” represents our attitude, the value our retail customers want to deliver to their customers and our biggest market and technology differentiator.  Two words, so many meanings. The... View Article

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30 Aug 2012

One year on: my journey to RichRelevance

My one-year anniversary at RichRelevance is fast approaching and I’m starting to worry what my bobble-head might look like. This traditional first birthday present for RichRelevance employees will be an action-figure-sized, 3D resemblance of me, likely sculpted in some amusing pose that characterises how my colleagues see me. Absolutely no need to worry there then.... View Article

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15 Aug 2012

What happens with online shopping when it rains? Linking online shopping to weather and exploring drivers of noise in sales data

Countless factors affect online shopping, many of which aren’t well known, classified, or understood. Much like the climate system, online sales vary across different time periods–year, month, week, day, hour–with smaller levels of variability often dismissed as so much ‘noise’. Ipads might be trending one day, and blenders the next, but over a month long... View Article

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