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07 May 2012

RichRelevance: Proud to Pay It Forward

Zillow just acquired RentJuice for 40 Million dollars. Cool! What’s that got to do with RichRelevance? Ok so I co-founded another real-estate company, Redfin, but that seems pretty far afield to justify a blog post… Well, there’s more! I met Dave Vivero, the CEO of RentJuice when he was still at HBS and “contemplating his... View Article

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19 Apr 2012

The true meaning of mobile matters

In the last week, RichRelevance introduced the US and UK versions of our Shopping Insights™ Q1 Mobile Study to the market with some fascinating findings around the rapid adoption and usage of mobile devices in e-commerce: In the US, for instance, mobile purchases as a percentage of overall e-commerce have doubled in the last year... View Article

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06 Apr 2012

Another Pillar of the Shopping Experience – Personalized!

I’m proud to announce that RichRelevance took another leap ahead today in bringing dynamic personalization to retail, this time focusing on promotions with the introduction of RichPromo™.  RichPromo moves us one step closer to our vision for retail of  optimizing every pixel on an e-commerce site, creating a truly dynamic shopping aisle for every customer.... View Article

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13 Mar 2012

Advertisers - Where Are Your Most Valuable Customers?

Let’s cut straight to the point, even though digital ad targeting has become significantly more advanced over the past few years, brand advertisers have significantly less clarity into the tools that help them reach and communicate with their most important consumers: those who are active and in-market for their particular product or brand. So, not... View Article

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