Bayesian A/B Tests

Here at RichRelevance we regularly run live tests to ensure that our algorithms are providing top-notch performance.  Our RichRecs engine, for example, displays personalized product recommendations to consumers, and the $$A/B$$ tests we run pit our recommendations against recommendations generated by a competing algorithm, or no recommendations at all.

Exceptional Exceptions

Here’s a question for you: when is a checked exception not checked?

Taking the Red Pill

When I’m interviewing candidates for RichRelevance, I always give them an opportunity to turn the tables and ask me questions at the end of the session. If I’m the last interviewer of the day, the hapless candidate is often so drained that the questions I get tend toward, “Could you remind me where the bathroom is please?

Join RichRelevance Enginee{rr}ing!

RichRelevance is hiring at an accelerated but thoughtful pace, and as we continue to scale and capitalize on the significant growth opportunities we see, we’re seeking even more talented engineers to join this no-nonsense bunch:

How Learning to Code Changed My Career

I’m naturally very curious. But little did I know that this curiosity would lead to a major career change here at RichRelevance. I first came to RichRelevance in June 2012, when I was hired as a temporary office assistant to help with a San Francisco office move.

Finding Nemo’s Silver Lining: Using Big Data to Analyze Big Weather

For those of you who live in a data cave on the West Coast like I do, it may come as a surprise that there was a blizzard this past weekend—a BIG one.  The ‘Nemo’ blizzard, caused by a merging of two low pressure systems that originated in the central and southeast US, then migrated to the north-eastern seaboard—affected millions of people in the US Northeast, with heavy snow and multiple power-outages.

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