Big Data: Principles and Examples Vol. 3

In this volume, we discuss Data Mining and The Birthday Paradox.

Big Data: Principles and Examples Vol. 2

In this volume, we discuss Product Recommendations.

It’s Not Too Late To Think Like Amazon This Holiday!

‘Tis the season that many retailers look to tactics and strategies to programmatically maximize their e-commerce conversion, and customer value pre-peak. These new innovations are critical for success, but always include a bit of risk. Are there any “tried-and-true” approaches we can confidently implement pre-peak with 100% certainty?

My Summer at RichRelevance

Working for a San Francisco tech start-up is the dream summer internship for many undergraduate business students like myself. Little did I know that RichRelevance would exceed all of my expectations.

Big Data: Principles and Examples Vol. 1

Big Data has become the subject of Big Hype, much as Social Media and Mobile were recently. Our goal today is to peel back the hype and discover some of the key principles behind Big Data so we can make the best possible decisions about when, where, and how to apply it.

Bayesian A/B Testing with a Log-Normal Model

In my first blog post I introduced the general framework of Bayesian $$A/B$$ testing, and went into gory details on how to make it happen with binary data: 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0…

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