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25 Feb 2013

How Learning to Code Changed My Career

I’m naturally very curious. But little did I know that this curiosity would lead to a major career change here at RichRelevance. I first came to RichRelevance in June 2012, when I was hired as a temporary office assistant to help with a San Francisco office move. Earlier that year, I read an essay called... View Article

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25 Jan 2013

"Measuring Shopping Media" at JUMP NY

Today’s top brands are leveraging the retail channel like never before to speak with consumers on a one-to-one basis as they do price comparisons and shop online.  But how do brands truly measure their advertising within online retail? When we consider that most publishers optimize around content consumption, and a retailer’s entire existence is around conversion,... View Article

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14 Dec 2012

Inside RichRelevance's Epic Holiday Party #CoolAsIce

It all started with a cheesy holiday party invitation featuring cartoon-style ice skaters carving the words, "Cool As Ice" on a pristine San Francisco winter day (meteorologically impossible to freeze anything outdoor in SF, let alone an entire body of water). Just your standard holiday get-together with co-workers, right? Wrong. The only rumor floating was that... View Article

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11 Dec 2012

Under the Hood @RichRelevance’s First Hack Week

RichRelevance hosted its first official Hack Week last week, and I challenged our engineers with a few simple rules before they embarked on unleashing their inner creativity to dig into their personal projects. You do NOT need to create a new product. Hack Week is for research, ideas, or improvements! Use Hack Week strictly for... View Article

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