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12 Aug 2013

WWD - Amazon, Google Face Off in Fashion Ad Chase

Competitor or partner? That's the question brands face in dealing with the behemoth of Amazon, whose vast operations compete with fashion brands and department stores in e-commerce. But these same brands and stores also are paying Amazon to advertise on its pages, which represent prime real estate in the ever-competitive e-commerce world. In other words,... View Article

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23 Mar 2012

Why ecommerce is critical for marketers

RichRelevance's Chief Evangelist Jake Bailey shares his insights for marketers on iMedia Connection. How often have you heard the phrase "reaching the right person, at the right time, with the right message?" It is a phrase that represents the Holy Grail of media. A phrase that promises hope to advertisers suffering from sleep deprivation and... View Article

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18 Jan 2011

Everyone Owns The Audience…Just Not In The Right Place

With the proliferation of data and access to consumer information, marketers have gained increased insight into their core customers. The Social Analytics industry has grown by over a dozen companies in the last 12-18 months and we’re already seeing how access to richer data is empowering advertisers to do things they’ve never done before. For... View Article

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