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23 Oct 2014

CNBC - Guess who doesn't really mind the Christmas creep

Sick of retailers telling you to deck the halls before you go trick or treating? You're not alone. According to a new study by big data personalization firm RichRelevance, 71 percent of Americans said they're either "annoyed" or "very annoyed" when they see holiday items in stores before Halloween. But there's one group that's more... View Article

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26 Jun 2014

L2 - Interview with Diane Kegley of RichRelevance

At L2’s Omnichannel Breakfast, RichRelevance CMO Diane Kegley spoke about a class of informed super-shoppers, who use mobile and online product research to compliment their in-store and e-commerce experience. RichRelevance creates customized omnichannel experiences for more than 175 global brands. Read more

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29 Apr 2014

Retail Touchpoints - Retailers Seek Innovation In Personalization

It's no secret that today's shoppers want their favorite retailers to tailor promotions and communications to their individual purchasing habits. In fact, 86% of consumers – and 96% of retailers – said personalization has at least some impact on the purchasing decision, according to a study from Infosys. Read more

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