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20 Jun 2016
website magazine

Get the Stats: Creepy vs. Cool Personalization

Personalization is certainly a trend that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Website Magazine review a new study by RichRelevance and find there is a fine line between personalization that consumers consider “cool” and personalization that consumers consider “creepy.” Read More

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05 Nov 2015

This Holiday Season, Stores Are the New Black

Today, we released our new study of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers, highlighting shopping preferences and sentiment this holiday season.  One common theme that emerged is that Americans continue to be all about “instant gratification”; even benefits like Amazon Prime can’t top the pleasure and convenience of a purchase in-hand at check out. But when... View Article

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22 May 2015
Retail Customer Experience 150x150

Retail Customer Experience - Creepy or Cool: Study reveals how consumers react to digital personalization

RichRelevance's recent study, "Creepy or Cool", revealed consumer attitudes towards digital enhancements to the store shopping experience. The study found that shoppers think it is cool to get digital help finding relevant products and information – and navigating the store, but they are creeped out by digital capabilities that identify, track and use location and... View Article

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