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Marketing Trends

11 May 2015

Media Post - 74% of Mobile Shoppers Fine with Not Being Identified in a Store


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The challenges in serving mobile shoppers are almost too numerous to count. But then again, so are the opportunities. As marketers and mobile innovators ponder how many ways they can create a highly personalized experience for an in-store mobile shopper, those consumers seem to have some unwritten rules of their own about what they will... View Article

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07 May 2015

Business Reporter - Three quarters of shoppers think facial recognition technology is ‘creepy’


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Nearly three quarters of consumers think technology that uses facial recognition to recommend relevant products is “creepy”, according to a new study. 73 per cent of those surveyed by RichRelevance were creeped out by the technology. A similar number – 74 per cent – thought it was creepy for a salesperson to greet them by... View Article

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06 May 2015

Mobile Commerce Daily - What is working and what is creepy with in-store mobile: report


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As more bricks-and-mortar retailers employ mobile and tablet devices to augment consumers’ in-store experiences and drive point-of-sale purchases, they must also be aware of features which customers find helpful, such as product reviews, and those that individuals find abrasive, such as digital display prices, according to a new report from RichRelevance. Read more

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