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04 Aug 2016

Redesign site search to boost findability and sales

Shoppers with intent to buy only find what they are looking for half the time. That’s not good enough. Amazon has one. So does Saks and Michael Kors. The search box—nestled at the top of the home page or hidden in the upper right corner—is an essential feature of retailers across the Internet Retailer 100, 500... View Article

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08 Jul 2016

How do Shoppers Respond to the New Technologies that are being Increasingly used by Retailers In-Store?

How do shoppers respond to the new technologies that are being increasingly used by retailers in-store? Do they rate them as cool or creepy? This Retail Week article and infographic depicts how consumers have rated everything from fingerprint technology to digital coupons in a survey conducted by RichRelevance (subscription required). Read More

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